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To deliver best in class Digital,Analog and mixed signal Embedded Systems and solutions for various electronics applications involving innovative Techniques,Cutting Edge Technologies.We seek to be preferred,Trusted design houses for our clients and maintain long-term relations with clients and employees by continually improving our product development and quality management techniques.


To provide industry best solutions for the end user requirements at an affordable price range and maintain our proven track record with our clients.Our design Engineers always aim to meet the process concepts of ISO 9001:2015 standards and strive to maintain high standards in technology requirements and quality of products.

Quality Policy

Qualified Technical & Functional Professionals with complementary skills and experience to cover widest range of demands and allows for more flexibility to adjust to inevitable challenges arising during projects.

Our Values


Our ethos is simple: keep every commitment you make. When we say we're going to do something, our customers know we mean it.


We believe anything that can be optimized, should be optimized. We strive to squeeze out inefficiencies in everything we do.


We prioritize transparency in our own operations, and we aim to help our customers achieve it in theirs by offering them the right tools


We've spent years in building trust with customers. How? By delivering on commitments and maintaining deep relationships.


We love & know what we do!

Production Deployment

Limited series production and support Validation and deployment at customer premises Airworthiness Qualification Products: Consumer-Vehicle tracking system Lot-Proximity Detection unit

Semiconductor design

FPGA/ASIC IP core design in VHDL/Verilog Turnkey solutions (Analogy, digital and mixed Signals) Coverage driven verification based on OVM/UVM

Embedded System Design

Turnkey solutions from requirements to proto Digital system for computing and data acquisition High speed multi-layer PCB Design and analysis FPGA based system design

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

EST is a trustable manufacturer of cable assemblies with an extensive history and strong experience in supplying its customers with a quality product, on time and at an affordable price. EST works with customers from the design and prototype phase of a project all the way through large production runs. EST excels at custom cable assembly manufacturing, with a low minimum order requirements and engineering design services to help meet specific custom cable assembly needs, and constantly improving its knowledge, training, production and test equipment to provide the best possible product to its customers.

Cable Assembly Manufacturing Technical Capabilities

EST has the benefit of having highly skilled manufacturing personnel on staff with years of knowledge and industry expertise. EST is committed to increasing efficiencies in the production process that will result in high quality products being produced while offering cost savings to our customers. Combining that with state-of-the-art automated production and test equipment, EST can offer a broad range of manufactured custom cable assemblies. EST’s capabilities range from simple single conductor assemblies to complex assemblies. EST’s Quality Control Department has the experience and testing equipment to perform both physical and electrical testing to ensure each cable assembly is manufactured correctly and functions as designed.

EST Capabilities for the Military/Defence Industry

EST has extensive knowledge and experience in the military and defence industries. From the design of unique cables for use in military applications to its assembly and harness manufacturing, EST is more than capable of supplying the highest quality products to the military/defence industry. EST can assist with the following: • Mil-Spec Wire/Cable • Custom Designed Wire/Cable • Shipboard Wire/Cable • Cable Assemblies • Wire Harnesses • Coaxial/RF Signal Assemblies • Coaxial Cable (Mil-C-17) • Mil-Spec Power Cable (Mil-DTL-3432) • Mil-Spec Wire (Mil-W-81044, Mil-W-16878, Mil-W-22759) • BNC cabling • Raychem cables • Extreme Environment Wire/Cable including EMI/EMC

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High quality standards

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